Group Fellowship

No one can love and serve alone.  Check out a constantly updated activities list on the "About" tab above!

Learning, Growing, and Following Jesus Christ everyday


Serving God 

We put faith into action as a response to God's love for the world. We try to make him known in thought, word, and deed.

Allow God to speak to you.

"I have spent my entire life, both before I found my faith and now that I have, wondering about God. This wondering has caused me to worship, study, and seek Him each day. Even when I wasn't ready, God was patient. I pray that you will allow God to speak to you."

-The Rev. Drew Himes


Serving God; Loving Always.

Welcome to our community of worship, prayer,  love and service.

 Come Grow With Us!

Family Worship

All are welcome to worship and praise together...young and old, poor and rich. Sundays at 11am.

Learn to Grow

Discover faith through Sunday School each week at 9:45 and through book discussions and fellowship groups throughout the year.